• Cumulated gain-based indicators of IR performance 

      Järvelin, Kalervo; Kekäläinen, Jaana
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2002-2 (2002)
      Modern large retrieval environments tend to overwhelm their users by their large output. Since all documents are not of equal relevance to their users, highly relevant documents should be identified and ranked first for ...
    • ExpansionTool: Formal definition of concept-based query expansion and construction 

      Järvelin, Kalervo; Kekäläinen, Jaana; Niemi, Timo
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2001-1 (2001)
      We develop a deductive data model for concept-based query expansion. It is based on three abstraction levels: the conceptual, linguistic and string levels. Concepts and relationships among them are represented at the ...
    • Informetrics through Advanced Data Management. Complex Object Restructuring, Data Aggregation and Transitive Computation 

      Järvelin, Kalervo; Ingwersen, Peter; Niemi, Timo
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 1999-1 (1999)
      This article considers how informetric calculations can easily and declaratively be specified through advanced data management techniques. In particular, bibliographic data and its modeling as complex objects (non-first ...
    • MUSIR - A Retrieval Model for Music 

      Salosaari, Pekka; Järvelin, Kalervo
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 1998-1 (Tampereen yliopisto, 1998)
      Traditionally, information retrieval in music has been based on surrogates of music, i.e., bibliographic descriptions of music documents. This does not provide access to the essence of music, whether it is defined as the ...
    • Organisaation muisti - käsiteanalyysi 

      Mäkinen, Sari
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2003-2 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2003)
      Tutkimuksen tavoitteena on tarkastella organisaation muistin käsitteen sisältöä ja määritelmiä eri tieteenaloilla. Organisaation muistilla voidaan ajatella tarkoitettavan organisaation informaatioresursseja, tietoa, ...
    • Query Performance Analyser - a tool for bridging information retrieval research and instruction 

      Sormunen, Eero; Halttunen, Kai; Keskustalo, Heikki
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2002-1 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2002)
      Information retrieval experiments usually measure the average effectiveness of IR methods developed. The analysis of individual queries is neglected although test results may contain individual test topics where general ...
    • The effects of separate and merged indexes and word normalization in multilingual CLIR 

      Airio, Eija
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2005-1 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2005)
      Multilingual IR may be performed in two environments: there may exist a separate index for each target language, or all the languages may be indexed in a merged index. In the first case, retrieval must be performed separately ...