• Distribution of immunodeficiency fact files with XML from Web to WAP 

      Väliaho, Jouni; Riikonen, Pentti; Vihinen, Mauno (2005)
      Background Although biomedical information is growing rapidly, it is difficult to find and retrieve validated data especially for rare hereditary diseases. There is an increased need for services capable of integrating ...
    • IDR knowledge base for primary immunodeficiencies 

      Samarghitean, Crina; Väliaho, Jouni; Vihinen, Mauno (2007)
      Background The ImmunoDeficiency Resource (IDR) is a knowledge base for the integration of the clinical, biochemical, genetic, genomic, proteomic, structural, and computational data of primary immunodeficiencies. The need ...
    • Structure-function analysis indicates that sumoylation modulates DNA-binding activity of STAT1 

      Grönholm, Juha; Vanhatupa, Sari; Ungureanu, Daniela; Väliaho, Jouni; Laitinen, Tuomo; Valjakka, Jarkko; Silvennoinen, Olli (2012)
      Background STAT1 is an essential transcription factor for interferon-γ-mediated gene responses. A distinct sumoylation consensus site (ψKxE) 702IKTE705 is localized in the C-terminal region of STAT1, where Lys703 is a ...