• RAD51B in Familial Breast Cancer 

      Pelttari, Liisa M; Khan, Sofia; Vuorela, Mikko; Schleutker, Johanna; Kallioniemi, Anne et al. (2016)
      Common variation on 14q24.1, close to RAD51B, has been associated with breast cancer: rs999737 and rs2588809 with the risk of female breast cancer and rs1314913 with the risk of male breast cancer. The aim of this study ...
    • Rare copy number variants observed in hereditary breast cancer cases disrupt genes in estrogen signaling and TP53 tumor suppression network 

      Pylkäs, Katri; Vuorela, Mikko; Otsukka, Meeri; Kallioniemi, Anne; Jukkola-Vuorinen, Arja; Wingvist, Robert (2012)
      Abstract Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in developed countries, and the contribution of genetic susceptibility to breast cancer development has been well-recognized. However, a great proportion of ...