• Absence of polysialylated NCAM is an unfavorable prognostic phenotype for advanced stage neuroblastoma 

      Korja, Miikka; Jokilammi, Anne; Salmi, Toivo T; Kalimo, Hannu; Pelliniemi, Tarja-Terttu; Isola, Jorma; Rantala, Immo; Haapasalo, Hannu; Finne, Jukka (2009)
      Background The expression of a neural crest stem cell marker, polysialic acid (polySia), and its main carrier, neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM), have been detected in some malignant tumors with high metastatic ...
    • Array-based gene expression, CGH and tissue data defines a 12q24 gain in neuroblastic tumors with prognostic implication 

      Wolf, Maija; Korja, Miikka; Karhu, Ritva; Edgren, Henrik; Kilpinen, Sami; Ojala, Kalle; Mousses, Spyro; Kallioniemi, Anne; Haapasalo, Hannu (2010)
      Background Neuroblastoma has successfully served as a model system for the identification of neuroectoderm-derived oncogenes. However, in spite of various efforts, only a few clinically useful prognostic markers have been ...
    • Carbonic anhydrase IX in oligodendroglial brain tumors 

      Järvelä, Sally; Parkkila, Seppo; Bragge, Helena; Kähkönen, Marketta; Parkkila, Anna-Kaisa; Soini, Ylermi; Pastorekova, Silvia; Pastorek, Jaromir; Haapasalo, Hannu (2008)
      Background Carbonic anhydrase IX is a hypoxia-induced enzyme that has many biologically important functions, including its role in cell adhesion and invasion. Methods This study was set out to investigate the role of ...
    • Clinical association analysis of ependymomas and pilocytic astrocytomas reveals elevated FGFR3 and FGFR1 expression in aggressive ependymomas 

      Lehtinen, Birgitta; Raita, Annina; Kesseli, Juha; Annala, Matti; Nordfors, Kristiina; Yli-Harja, Olli; Zhang, Wei; Visakorpi, Tapio; Nykter, Matti; Haapasalo, Hannu; Granberg, Kirsti J (2017)
    • CLU, CR1 and PICALM genes associate with Alzheimer's-related senile plaques 

      Kok, Eloise H; Luoto, Teemu; Haikonen, Satu; Goebeler, Sirkka; Haapasalo, Hannu; Karhunen, Pekka J (2011)
      Introduction APOE is the strongest risk gene for sporadic Alzheimer's disease (AD) so far. Recent genome wide association studies found links for sporadic AD with CLU and CR1 involved in Aβ clearance, and PICALM affecting ...
    • Complement activation in astrocytomas: deposition of C4d and patient outcome 

      Mäkelä, Katri; Helén, Pauli; Haapasalo, Hannu; Paavonen, Timo (2012)
      Background C4d is a cleavage product of complement component C4 and is considered to serve as a marker for the site of complement activation. In this study C4d staining of grade I-IV astrocytic tumors was studied to ...
    • CRP gene variation affects early development of Alzheimer's disease-related plaques 

      Kok, Eloise H; Alanne-Kinnunen, Mervi; Isotalo, Karita; Luoto, Teemu; Haikonen, Satu; Goebeler, Sirkka; Perola, Markus; Hurme, Mikko; Haapasalo, Hannu; Karhunen, Pekka J (2011)
      Introduction We used the Tampere Autopsy Study (TASTY) series (n = 603, age 0-97 yrs), representing an unselected population outside institutions, to investigate the pathogenic involvement of inflammation in Alzheimer's ...
    • Diagnostically important muscle pathology in DNAJB6 mutated LGMD1D 

      Sandell, Satu; Huovinen, Sanna; Palmio, Johanna; Raheem, Olayinka; Lindfors, Mikaela; Zhao, Fang; Haapasalo, Hannu; Udd, Bjarne (2016)
      Limb girdle muscular dystrophies are a large group of both dominantly and recessively inherited muscle diseases. LGMD1D is caused by mutated DNAJB6 and the molecular pathogenesis is mediated by defective chaperonal function ...
    • Expression of iron-related genes in human brain and brain tumors 

      Hänninen, Milla M; Haapasalo, Joonas; Haapasalo, Hannu; Fleming, Robert E; Britton, Robert S; Bacon, Bruce R; Parkkila, Seppo (2009)
      Background Defective iron homeostasis may be involved in the development of some diseases within the central nervous system. Although the expression of genes involved in normal iron balance has been intensively studied ...
    • Glioomien diagnoosi ja ennuste - molekyylidiagnostiikan mahdollisuudet 

      Haapasalo, Joonas; Hyartt, Antti; Salmi, Minja; Nordfors, Kristiina; Lahtela, Sirpa-Liisa; Kähkönen, Marketta; Helén, Pauli; Haapasalo, Hannu (2014)
      Glioomat ovat aivojen tukisolukasvaimia ja primaarisista aivokasvaimista yleisimpiä. Diffuusien glioomien hoito perustuu kasvaimen kirurgiseen poistoon sekä säde- ja solunsalpaajahoitoon. Diagnoosi tehdään kasvaimen ...
    • Lasten aivokasvaimet 

      Nordfors, Kristiina; Lohi, Olli; Haapasalo, Hannu; Wigren, Tuija; Helén, Pauli; Vettenranta, Kim; Arola, Mikko (2013)
    • Polysialic acid is associated with better prognosis and IDH1-mutation in diffusely infiltrating astrocytomas 

      Mäkelä, Katri; Nordfors, Kristiina; Finne, Jukka; Jokilammi, Anne; Paavonen, Timo; Haapasalo, Hannu; Korja, Miikka; Haapasalo, Joonas (2014)
      Abstract Background The aim of the study was to assess the localization of Polysialic acid (polySia) and Neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM) in grade I–IV astrocytomas by confocal microscopy, and also to clarify and ...
    • Specific expression profile and prognostic significance of peroxiredoxins in grade II-IV astrocytic brain tumors 

      Järvelä, Sally; Rantala, Immo; Rodriguez, Alejandra; Kallio, Heini; Parkkila, Seppo; Kinnula, Vuokko L; Soini, Ylermi; Haapasalo, Hannu (2010)
      Background Peroxiredoxins (Prxs) have recently been suggested to have a role in tumorigenesis. Methods We studied the expression of Prx I-VI and their relationship to patient survival in 383 grade II-IV diffuse astrocytic ...
    • Strong FGFR3 staining is a marker for FGFR3 fusions in diffuse gliomas 

      Granberg, Kirsi J; Annala, Matti; Lehtinen, Birgitta; Kesseli, Juha; Haapasalo, Joonas; Ruusuvuori, Pekka; Yli-Harja, Olli; Visakorpi, Tapio; Haapasalo, Hannu; Nykter, Matti; Wei, Zhang (2017)