• Internalization of novel non-viral vector TAT-streptavidin into human cells 

      Rinne, Johanna; Albarran, Brian; Jylhävä, Juulia; Ihalainen, Teemu O; Kankaanpää, Pasi; Hytönen, Vesa P; Stayton, Patrick S; Kulomaa, Markku S; Vihinen-Ranta, Maija (2007)
      Background The cell-penetrating peptide derived from the Human immunodeficiency virus-1 transactivator protein Tat possesses the capacity to promote the effective uptake of various cargo molecules across the plasma membrane ...
    • Mechanical stability of talin rod controls cell migration and substrate sensing 

      Rahikainen, Rolle; von Essen, Magdalena; Schaefer, Markus; Qi, Lei; Azizi, Latifeh; Kelly, Connor; Ihalainen, Teemu O; Wehrle-Halle, Bernhard; Bastmeyer, Martin; Huang, Cai; Hytönen, Vesa P (2017)
    • Parvovirus Induced Alterations in Nuclear Architecture and Dynamics 

      Ihalainen, Teemu O; Niskanen, Einari A; Jylhävä, Juulia; Paloheimo, Outi; Dross, Nicolas; Smolander, Hanna; Langowski, Jörg; Timonen, Jussi; Vihinen-Ranta, Maija (2009)
      The nucleus of interphase eukaryotic cell is a highly compartmentalized structure containing the three-dimensional network of chromatin and numerous proteinaceous subcompartments. DNA viruses induce profound changes in the ...
    • Transdifferentiation and Proliferation in Two Distinct Hemocyte Lineages in Drosophila melanogaster Larvae after Wasp Infection 

      Anderl, Ines; Vesala, Laura; Ihalainen, Teemu O; Vanha-aho, Leena-Maija; Andó, István; Rämet, Mika; Hultmark, Dan (2016)
      Cellular immune responses require the generation and recruitment of diverse blood cell types that recognize and kill pathogens. In Drosophila melanogaster larvae, immune-inducible lamellocytes participate in recognizing ...