• Cost-effectiveness analysis of guidelines for antihypertensive care in Finland 

      Booth, Neill; Jula, Antti; Aronen, Pasi; Kaila, Minna; Klaukka, Timo; Kukkonen-Harjula, Katriina; Reunanen, Antti; Rissanen, Pekka; Sintonen, Harri; Mäkelä, Marjukka (2007)
      Background Hypertension is one of the major causes of disease burden affecting the Finnish population. Over the last decade, evidence-based care has emerged to complement other approaches to antihypertensive care, often ...
    • Developing physical activity counselling in primary care through participatory action approach 

      Aittasalo, Minna; Kukkonen-Harjula, Katriina; Toropainen, Erja; Rinne, Marjo; Tokola, Kari; Vasankari, Tommi (2016)
      Many adults are insufficiently physically active for health. Counselling is the main method to promote physical activity (PA) in primary care but often implemented inadequately. The aim of this study was to increase health ...