• Chimeric Avidin – NMR Structure and Dynamics of a 56 kDa Homotetrameric Thermostable Protein 

      Tossavainen, Helena; Kukkurainen, Sampo; Määttä, Juha; Kähkönen, Niklas; Pihlajamaa, Tero; Hytönen, Vesa P; Kulomaa, Markku S; Permi, Perttu (2014)
      Chimeric avidin (ChiAVD) is a product of rational protein engineering remarkably resistant to heat and harsh conditions. In quest of the fundamentals behind factors affecting stability we have elucidated the solution NMR ...
    • Construction of Chimeric Dual-Chain Avidin by Tandem Fusion of the Related Avidins 

      Riihimäki, Tiina A; Kukkurainen, Sampo; Varjonen, Suvi; Hörhä, Jarno; Nyholm, Thomas KM; Kulomaa, Markku S; Hytönen, Vesa P (2011)
      Background Avidin is a chicken egg-white protein with high affinity to vitamin H, also known as D-biotin. Many applications in life science research are based on this strong interaction. Avidin is a homotetrameric protein, ...
    • Identification and characterization of a novel zebrafish (Danio rerio) pentraxin–carbonic anhydrase 

      Patrikainen, Maarit; Tolvanen, Martti; Aspatwar, Ashok; Barker, Harlan; Ortutay, Csaba; Jänis, Janne; Laitaoja, Mikko; Hytönen, Vesa; Azizi, Latifeh; Manandhar, Prajwol; Jáger, Edit; Vullo, Daliela; Kukkurainen, Sampo; Hilvo, Mika; Supuran, Claudio; Parkkila, Seppo (2017)
    • Identification of proprotein convertase substrates using genome-wide expression correlation analysis 

      Turpeinen, Hannu; Kukkurainen, Sampo; Pulkkinen, Kati; Kauppila, Timo; Ojala, Kalle; Hytönen, Vesa P; Pesu, Marko (2011)
      Background Subtilisin/kexin-like proprotein convertase (PCSK) enzymes have important regulatory function in a wide variety of biological processes. PCSKs proteolytically process at a target sequence that contains basic ...
    • Zebavidin - An avidin-like protein from zebrafish 

      Taskinen, Barbara; Zmurko, Joanna; Ojanen, Markus; Kukkurainen, Sampo; Parthiban, Marimuthu; Määttä, Juha; Leppiniemi, Jenni; Jänis, Janne; Parikka, Mataleena; Turpeinen, Hannu; Rämet, Mika; Pesu, Marko; Johnson, Mark; Kulomaa, Markku S; Airenne, Tomi; Hytönen, Vesa P (2013)
      The avidin protein family members are well known for their high affinity towards D-biotin and high structural stability. These properties make avidins valuable tools for a wide range of biotechnology applications. We have ...