• Chicken genome analysis reveals novel genes encoding biotin-binding proteins related to avidin family 

      Niskanen, Einari A; Hytönen, Vesa P; Grapputo, Alessandro; Nordlund, Henri R; Kulomaa, Markku S; Laitinen, Olli H (2005)
      Background A chicken egg contains several biotin-binding proteins (BBPs), whose complete DNA and amino acid sequences are not known. In order to identify and characterise these genes and proteins we studied chicken cDNAs ...
    • Parvovirus Induced Alterations in Nuclear Architecture and Dynamics 

      Ihalainen, Teemu O; Niskanen, Einari A; Jylhävä, Juulia; Paloheimo, Outi; Dross, Nicolas; Smolander, Hanna; Langowski, Jörg; Timonen, Jussi; Vihinen-Ranta, Maija (2009)
      The nucleus of interphase eukaryotic cell is a highly compartmentalized structure containing the three-dimensional network of chromatin and numerous proteinaceous subcompartments. DNA viruses induce profound changes in the ...
    • Structure and characterization of a novel chicken biotin-binding protein A (BBP-A) 

      Hytönen, Vesa P; Niskanen, Einari A; Huuskonen, Juhani; Määttä, Juha A E (Tay); Nordlund, Henri R (Tay); Kulomaa, Markku S (Tay) (2007)
      Background The chicken genome contains a BBP-A gene showing similar characteristics to avidin family genes. In a previous study we reported that the BBP-A gene may encode a biotin-binding protein due to the high sequence ...