• Carbonic anhydrase IX in oligodendroglial brain tumors 

      Järvelä, Sally; Parkkila, Seppo; Bragge, Helena; Kähkönen, Marketta; Parkkila, Anna-Kaisa; Soini, Ylermi; Pastorekova, Silvia; Pastorek, Jaromir; Haapasalo, Hannu (2008)
      Background Carbonic anhydrase IX is a hypoxia-induced enzyme that has many biologically important functions, including its role in cell adhesion and invasion. Methods This study was set out to investigate the role of ...
    • Expression of carbonic anhydrases IX and XII during mouse embryonic development 

      Kallio, Heini; Pastorekova, Silvia; Pastorek, Jaromir; Waheed, Abdul; Sly, William S; Männistö, Susanna; Heikinheimo, Markku; Parkkila, Seppo (2006)
      Background Of the thirteen active carbonic anhydrase (CA) isozymes, CA IX and XII have been linked to carcinogenesis. It has been suggested that these membrane-bound CAs participate in cancer cell invasion, which is ...
    • The calcium-binding protein S100P in normal and malignant human tissues 

      Parkkila, Seppo; Pan, Pei-Wen; Ward, Aoife; Gibadulinova, Adriana; Oveckova, Ingrid; Pastorekova, Silvia; Pastorek, Jaromir; Martinez, Alejandra R; Helin, Henrik O; Isola, Jorma (2008)
      Background S100P is a Ca2+ binding protein overexpressed in a variety of cancers, and thus, has been considered a potential tumor biomarker. Very little has been studied about its normal expression and functions. Methods We ...
    • Transmembrane carbonic anhydrase isozymes IX and XII in the female mouse reproductive organs 

      Hynninen, Piritta; Hämäläinen, Jonna M; Pastorekova, Silvia; Pastorek, Jaromir; Waheed, Abdul; Sly, William S; Tómas, Eija; Kirkinen, Pertti; Parkkila, Seppo (2004)
      Background Carbonic anhydrase (CA) classically catalyses the reversible hydration of dissolved CO2 to form bicarbonate ions and protons. The twelve active CA isozymes are thought to regulate a variety of cellular functions ...