• Public provision, commodity demand and hours of work: An empirical analysis 

      Pirttilä, Jukka; Suoniemi, Ilpo
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 79/2010 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2010)
      Atkinson and Stiglitz (Journal of Public Economics 1976) show that when the government has access to non-linear income taxation and consumer preferences are separable between consumption and leisure, there is no need for ...
    • Recent Trends in Income Inequality in Finland 

      Riihelä, Marja; Sullström, Risto; Suoniemi, Ilpo; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 6/2001 (2001)
      The aim of this paper is to discuss the determinants of the U.S. dollar real exchange rate fluctuation. We focus our analysis on a nominal exchange rate effect on tradable prices. We explicitly consider the effects of ...
    • The Welfare Effects of Health-Based Food Tax Policy 

      Kotakorpi, Kaisa; Härkänen, Tommi; Pietinen, Pirjo; Reinivuo, Heli; Suoniemi, Ilpo; Pirttilä, Jukka
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 84/2011 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2011)
      This paper examines the effects of health-oriented food tax reforms on the distribution of tax payments, food demand and health outcomes. Unlike earlier work, we also take into account the uncertainty related to both demand ...