• Androgen regulation of the androgen receptor coregulators 

      Urbanucci, Alfonso; Waltering, Kati K; Suikki, Hanna E; Helenius, Merja A; Visakorpi, Tapio (2008)
      Background The critical role of the androgen receptor (AR) in the development of prostate cancer is well recognized. The transcriptional activity of AR is partly regulated by coregulatory proteins. It has been suggested ...
    • CIP2A is a candidate therapeutic target in clinically challenging prostate cancer cell populations 

      Khanna, Anchit; Kane, Rane Jayant; Kivinummi, Kati; Urbanucci, Alfonso; Helenius, Merja; Tolonen, Teemu; Saramäki, Outi; Latonen, Leena; Manni, Visa; Pimanda, John; Maitland, Norman; Westermarck, Jukka; Visakorpi, Tapio (2015)
      Residual androgen receptor (AR)-signaling and presence of cancer stem-like cells (SCs) are the two emerging paradigms for clinically challenging castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). Therefore, identification of ...
    • Myc-dependent purine biosynthesis affects nucleolar stress and therapy response in prostate cancer 

      Barfeld, Stefan J; Fazli, Ladan; Persson, Margareta; Marjavaara, Lisette; Urbanucci, Alfonso; Kaukoniemi, Kirsi; Rennie, Paul S; Ceder, Yvonne; Chables, Andrei; Visakorpi, Tapio; Mills, Ian G (2015)
      The androgen receptor is a key transcription factor contributing to the development of all stages of prostate cancer (PCa). In addition, other transcription factors have been associated with poor prognosis in PCa, amongst ...
    • Overexpression of Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer 

      Urbanucci, Alfonso
      Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis : 1159 (Tampere University Press, 2012)
      Kastraatioresistentti eturauhassyöpä (castration resistant prostate cancer, CRPC) on tappava tauti. CRPC:n kehittymismekanismit tunnetaan vain osittain. Parhaiten ymmärretty muutos CRPC:ssä on androgeenireseptorin (AR) ...
    • The expression of AURKA is androgen regulated in castration-resistant prostate cancer 

      Kivinummi, Kati; Urbanucci, Alfonso; Leinonen, Katri; Tammela, Teuvo LJ; Annala, Matti; Isaacs, William B; Bova, Steven G; Nykter, Matti; Visakorpi, Tapio (2017)