• Clustering based on adherence data 

      Kiwuwa-Muyingo, Sylvia; Oja, Hannu; Walker, Sarah A; Ilmonen, Pauliina; Levin, Jonathan; Todd, Jim (2011)
      Adherence to a medical treatment means the extent to which a patient follows the instructions or recommendations by health professionals. There are direct and indirect ways to measure adherence which have been used for ...
    • Distinguishing the Signals of Gingivitis and Periodontitis in Supragingival Plaque: a Cross-Sectional Cohort Study in Malawi 

      Shaw, Liam; Harjunmaa, Ulla; Doyle, Ronan; Mulewa, Simeon; Davie, Charlie; Maleta, Ken; Callard, Robin; Walker, Sarah A; Balloux, Francois; Ashorn, Per; Klein, Nigel (2016)
      Periodontal disease ranges from gingival inflammation (gingivitis) to the inflammation and loss of tooth-supporting tissues (periodontitis). Previous research has focused mainly on subgingival plaque, but supragingival ...