• Nationwide registry-based analysis of cancer clustering detects strong familial occurrence of Kaposi sarcoma 

      Kaasinen, Eevi; Aavikko, Mervi; Vahteristo, Pia; Patama, Toni; Li, Yilong; Saarinen, Silva; Kilpivaara, Outi; Pitkänen, Esa; Knekt, Paul; Laaksonen, Maarit; Artama, Miia; Lehtonen, Rainer; Aaltonen, Lauri; Pukkala, Eero (2013)
      Many cancer predisposition syndromes are rare or have incomplete penetrance, and traditional epidemiological tools are not well suited for their detection. Here we have used an approach that employs the entire population ...
    • Screening of Finnish RAD51C founder mutations in prostate and colorectal cancer patients 

      Pelttari, Liisa M; Nurminen, Riikka; Gylfe, Alexsandra; Aaltonen, Lauri; Schleutker, Johanna; Nevanlinna, Heli (2012)
      Background Rare, heterozygous germline mutations in the RAD51C gene have been found in breast and ovarian cancer families. In the Finnish population, we have identified two founder mutations in RAD51C that increase the ...
    • Somatic mutation analysis of MYH11 in breast and prostate cancer 

      Alhopuro, Pia; Karhu, Auli; Winqvist, Robert; Waltering, Kati; Visakorpi, Tapio; Aaltonen, Lauri (2008)
      Background MYH11 (also known as SMMHC) encodes the smooth-muscle myosin heavy chain, which has a key role in smooth muscle contraction. Inversion at the MYH11 locus is one of the most frequent chromosomal aberrations ...