• An analysis of problem gambling among the Finnish working-age population: a population survey 

      Castrén, Sari; Basnet, Syaron; Pankakoski, Maiju; Ronkainen, Jenni-Emilia; Helakorpi, Satu; Uutela, Antti; Alho, Hannu; Lahti, Tuuli (2013)
      Background Gambling problems currently affect approximately 100 000 Finns. In order to prevent and reduce gambling-related harms it is crucial for the Finnish public health authorities to gain a stronger understanding ...
    • The impacts of nitrous oxide gas on sleep quality during alcohol withdrawal 

      Lahti, Tuuli; Methuen, Taina; Roine, Risto; Seppä, Kaija-Liisa; Sinclair, David; Partinen, Markku; Alho, Hannu (2011)
      Background Poor quality of sleep among alcoholics and persons undergoing alcohol withdrawal has been described as a possible cause of alcohol relapse. It has been suggested earlier that nitrous oxide gas has a significant ...