• Recent Trends in Income Inequality in Finland 

      Riihelä, Marja; Sullström, Risto; Suoniemi, Ilpo; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 6/2001 (2001)
      The aim of this paper is to discuss the determinants of the U.S. dollar real exchange rate fluctuation. We focus our analysis on a nominal exchange rate effect on tradable prices. We explicitly consider the effects of ...
    • Publicly Provided Private Goods and Redistribution: A General Equilibrium Analysis 

      Pirttilä, Jukka; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 3/2001 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2001)
      This paper focuses on two sets of impacts of public provision of private goods that have been neglected in the self-selection framework of optimal taxation, the by-now standard approach in examining public provision. We ...
    • Incentives, Inequality and the Allocation of Aid When Conditionality Doesn\'t Work: An Optimal Nonlinear Taxation Approach 

      Kanbur, Ravi; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 4/2001 (2001)
      This paper analyses the impact of aid, and its optimal allocation, when conditionality is ineffective. It is assumed that the recipient government will implement its own preferences no matter what. In this set up, aid can ...
    • On Economic Poverty in Finland in the 1990s 

      Riihelä, Marja; Sullström, Risto; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 9/2001 (2001)
      We have examined recent trends in the poverty in Finland using two data sourees, the Household Budget Survey (HBS) and the Income Distribution statistics (IDS). We have drawn on the recent literature on poverty analysis ...
    • Tutkiminen on oppimista - ja oppiminen tutkimista 

      Poikela, Esa; Öystilä, Satu; University of Tampere (Tampere University Press, 2001)
    • ExpansionTool: Formal definition of concept-based query expansion and construction 

      Järvelin, Kalervo; Kekäläinen, Jaana; Niemi, Timo
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2001-1 (2001)
      We develop a deductive data model for concept-based query expansion. It is based on three abstraction levels: the conceptual, linguistic and string levels. Concepts and relationships among them are represented at the ...
    • What Lies Behind the Unprecedented Increase in Income Inequality in Finland During the 1990's 

      Riihelä, Marja; Sullström, Risto; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 2/2001 (2001)
      This study uses a decomposition analysis of income inequality by income groups and income sources to understand and explain the inequality increase in Finland during the 1990\'s. Several conclusions can be drawn from our ...
    • Linked Employer-Employee Data on Finnish Plants for the Analysis of Productivity, Wages and Turnover 

      Ilmakunnas, Pekka; Maliranta, Mika; Vainiomäki, Jari
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 1/2001 (2001)
      The process of linking various registers for the analysis of Finnish plants is described and potential uses of the linked data are illustrated. Information on individuals from the Employment Statistics is matched with ...
    • LOCALITY IN THE GLOBAL NET The Internet as a space of citizen communication and local publicness 

      Heinonen, Ari; Mäkinen, Maarit; Ridell, Seija; Martikainen, Ari; Halttu, Mika; Sirkkunen, Esa
      Tiedotusopin laitos. Julkaisuja sarja : C 33/2001 (2001)
      The main outstanding features of Locality in the Global Net project were its local and grassroots orientation. The aim of the project was to explore the social meaning of new communications technology and information ...
    • Medical Decision Criteria and Policy for an Efficient Allocation of Resources 

      Ahtiala, Pekka
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 8/2001 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2001)
      This paper approaches health care criteria by maximizing society's consumption possibilities in a model where health is a special case of a good produced, consumed, and used as an input in production, and the patient chooses ...
    • Aluerakenteen muutokset ja tulevaisuuden haasteet : vt 2 -yhteysvälin Helsinki-Pori kehittämisen yhteiskunnalliset ja alueelliset vaikutukset 

      Karppi, Ilari; University of Tampere
      Aluetieteen verkkojulkaisut - Tampere Regional Studies Net Series : 1/2001 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2001)
      Tutkimuksessa arvioidaan edellytyksiä, joiden vallitessa valtatie 2:lle voitaisiin jäsentää nykyistä selvempi rooli osana lounaisen Suomen väyläverkostoa. Tutkimusalue muodostuu Hämeen, Pirkanmaan, Satakunnan, Uudenmaan ...
    • Kaarle Nordenstreng - Viestintätieteen suurlähettiläs - Ambassador of Communication Research 

      Karvonen, Erkki; Pietiläinen, Jukka; University of Tampere (Tampereen yliopisto, 2001)
      Kaarle Tapani Jorma Johannes Magnus Bertel Nordenstreng (s. 1941) on ehdottomasti tunnetuin suomalainen viestinnän tutkija. Hän on monestakin syystä legendaarinen henkilö. Jo koulupoikasena hän avusti Yleisradiota ...
    • Inherent Inequality and the Extent of Redistribution in OECD Countries 

      Tanninen, Hannu; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 7/2001 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2001)
      The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between the inherent inequality and the extent of redistribution by utilising the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) database. This database provides both market and ...
    • Query Performance Analyser - a tool for bridging information retrieval research and instruction 

      Sormunen, Eero; Halttunen, Kai; Keskustalo, Heikki
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2002-1 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2002)
      Information retrieval experiments usually measure the average effectiveness of IR methods developed. The analysis of individual queries is neglected although test results may contain individual test topics where general ...
    • Should the ECB Adopt an Explicit Exchange Rate Target? 

      Mäki-Fränti, Petri
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 10/2002 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2002)
      This paper investigates with a structural, quantitative macro model, whether the ECB should include the real exchange rate into its reaction function. The problem is considered from viewpoints of both the whole monetary ...
    • Paikallisradioita Suomeen! 

      Ylönen, Olli
      Tiedotusopin laitos. Julkaisuja sarja : C36/2002 (2002)
      Tämän raportin lähtökohtana on Suomen Akatemian rahoittama tutkimushanke Media Economics, Content and Diversity, joka tutkii mediatalouden kehitystä 1950-luvulta lähtien. Osana sitä tutkitaan keskittymisen vaikutuksia ...
    • Pena. Rahapelaamisen haasteet digitaalisessa mediassa 

      Järvinen, Aki; Sotamaa, Olli
      Hypermedialaboratorion verkkojulkaisuja - Hypermedia Laboratory Net Series : 1 (2002)
      Rahapelaamisen haasteet digitaalisessa mediassa on Pena-tutkimushankkeen loppuraportti. Tutkimus tehtiin Tampereen yliopiston hypermedialaboratoriossa vuoden 2000 syksyllä, ja sen tavoitteena oli määritellä pelien ja ...
    • Public Versus Private Production Decisions and Redistribution 

      Pirttilä, Jukka; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 11/2002 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2002)
      We analyse the decision rules governing public employment policy and capital allocation between private and public sector in a simple two-type and two-sector optimal non-linear income tax model with endogenous wages. Results ...
    • Abstract Book: Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2002, Fourth International Conference, June 29 - July 2, 2002, Tampere, Finland 

      Turtiainen, Jussi; Lähde, Miia; Kokkoniemi-Haapanen, Elina; University of Tampere (Tampereen yliopisto, 2002)
      Crossroads in Cultural Studies 2002 - conference\'s abstract book. Abstract book includes 150-word session descriptions and the abstracts of the presentations.
    • Mikrotietokoneen perussovellukset 

      Anttila, Susanne; Laine, Tero; Raisamo, Roope (Tampere University Press, 2002)