• Challenges of Global eLearning 

      Varis, Tapio; Puukko, Mika; University of Tampere (Tampereen yliopisto, 2010)
      This publication contains selected full papers presented in the International Workshop "Ubiquitous ICT for sustainable education and cultural literacy", held in Hämeenlinna, Finland, 6-7 October 2008. The summary proceedings ...
    • Changes or levels? Reassessment of the relationship between top-end inequality and growth 

      Tuominen, Elina
      Tampere Economic Working Papers : 109/2016 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2016)
      This study explores the association between top-end inequality and subsequent economic growth. The motivation stems from the results of Banerjee and Duflo (2003), who study nonlinearities in the inequality–growth ...
    • Changing Faces of Game Innovation. GaIn and GIIP Research Project Report 

      Kultima, Annakaisa; Alha, Kati; Informaatiotieteiden yksikkö ; University of Tampere
      TRIM Research Reports : 4 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2011)
      This book is a collection of research and concept papers developed as a result of the Games and Innovation (GaIn) and Games Industry Innovation Processes (GIIP) research projects. The GaIn research project (January 2009-March ...

      Kanbur, Ravi; Tuomala, Matti
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 76/2010 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2010)
      In his Presidential Address to the European Economic Association, Tony Atkinson introduced the idea of a "Charitable Conservatism" position in public policy, which "exhibits degree of concern for the poor, but this is the ...
    • Chasing Sustainability on the Net : International research on 69 journalistic pure players and their business models 

      Sirkkunen, Esa; Cook, Clare; Viestinnän, median ja teatterin yksikkö ; University of Tampere (University of Tampere, 2012)
      This report outlines how online-based journalistic startups have created their economical locker in the evolving media ecology. The research introduces the ways that startups have found sustainability in the markets of ...
    • Committed to Peace : Historical Introduction to Finnish Defense and Security Policy 

      Calistri, Andrea
      TAPRI Net Series : 2 (Tampere Peace Research Institute, 2010)
    • Communication and Community in Digital Entertainment Services. Prestudy Research Report 

      Järvinen, Aki; Heliö, Satu; Mäyrä, Frans
      Hypermedialaboratorion verkkojulkaisuja - Hypermedia Laboratory Net Series : 2 (2002)
      CC-DES is a future-orientated research and development project where new forms of communication and interaction in digital entertainment services are analysed. The project carries out user-focused research into communication ...
    • Comparing Children, Families and Risks 

      Oksanen, Atte; Paavilainen, Eija; Pösö, Tarja; University of Tampere
      Childhood and Family Research Unit Net Series : 2/2006 (Tampere University Press, 2006)
      The edited book collects the plenary lectures and workshop presentation presented in the international seminar of "Comparing Children, Families and Risks" organised at the University of Tampere in November 2005. The papers ...
    • Comparison of Statistics Finland´s and FSD´s Metadata Models 

      Saloila, Mikko
      Yhteiskuntatieteellisen tietoarkiston julkaisuja : 11 (Yhteiskuntatieteellinen tietoarkisto, 2014)
      Sekä Tilastokeskus että Yhteiskuntatieteellinen tietoarkisto tuottavat laadukasta metadataa aineistoistaan. Tilastokeskuksessa kuvailuun käytetään CoSSI-tietomallia ja tietoarkistossa kansainvälistä DDI Codebook -mallia. ...
    • Complexity and Expressivity of Uniform One-Dimensional Fragment with Equality 

      Kieronski, Emanuel; Kuusisto, Antti (Tampereen yliopisto, 2014)
      Uniform one-dimensional fragment UF is a formalism obtained from first-order logic by limiting quantification to applications of blocks of existential (universal) quantifiers such that at most one variable remains free in ...
    • Content, Advertising, and Circulation in an Optimizing Model of the Media Firm 

      Ahtiala, Pekka
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 25/2003 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2003)
      The paper determines the effects of different influencing variables on the media company’s optimal subscription and advertising prices and editorial content. The company maximizes profit consisting of subscription and ...
    • Conversion of flat files and hierarchical data bases 

      Niemi, Timo
      Tampere University Press, ePublications - Verkkojulkaisut (Tampereen yliopisto, 1985)
    • Conversion of XML‐based Open Data into Relational Closed Data 

      Niemi, Timo; Näppilä, Turkka
      Informaatiotieteiden yksikön raportteja - Reports in Information Sciences : 33/2014 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2014)
    • Cost of Capital for Cross-Border Investment: The Role of Marginal and Intra-marginal Profits 

      Kari, Seppo; Ylä-Liedenpohja, Jouko
      Tampere Economic Working Papers Net Series : 34/2004 (Tampereen yliopisto, 2004)
      We model an investment in a foreign subsidiary, the outside finance to which is injected by its parent company from abroad. Sinn’s (1993) initial “underinvestment” problem due to taxes on repatriated dividends is argued ...
    • Cumulated gain-based indicators of IR performance 

      Järvelin, Kalervo; Kekäläinen, Jaana
      Department of Information Studies: Research Notes : 2002-2 (2002)
      Modern large retrieval environments tend to overwhelm their users by their large output. Since all documents are not of equal relevance to their users, highly relevant documents should be identified and ranked first for ...
    • Data Driven Methods for Improving Mono- and Cross-lingual IR Performance in Environments 

      Järvelin, Antti; Talvensaari, Tuomas; Järvelin, Anni
      TRIM Research Notes : 1 (2009)
      Abstract In cross-language information retrieval (CLIR), novel or non-standard expressions, technical terminology, or rare proper nouns can be seen as noise when they appear in queries or in the target collection, because ...
    • Debattia tableteista. Pohjustusta lukulaitejournalismin tutkimiseksi 

      Harju, Auli; Männistö, Anssi; Heinonen, Ari (Tampereen yliopisto, 2011)
    • Deduction Systems for Multimodal Logics with Operations on Modalities 

      Kuusisto, Antti (Tampereen yliopisto, 2007)
      This article is a brief, user friendly discourse on extensions of multi- modal logics with operations on modalities. Such logics are considered from a general point of view with the emphasis on the theory of deduc- tion ...
    • Defining a Double Team Semantics for Generalized Quantifiers 

      Kuusisto, Antti (Tampereen yliopisto, 2012)
      In this brief technical report we sketch a semantics for fi rst-order logic with generalized quantifiers based on double teams. We also define the notion of a generalized atom. Such atoms can be used in order to define ...
    • Defining a Double Team Semantics for Generalized Quantifiers (Extended Version) 

      Kuusisto, Antti (Tampereen yliopisto, 2013)
      In this brief technical report we sketch a semantics for first-order logic with generalized quantifi ers based on double teams. We also defi ne the notion of a generalized atom. Such atoms can be used in order to defi ne ...