Publicly Provided Private Goods and Redistribution: A General Equilibrium Analysis


Näytä suppeat kuvailutiedot Pirttilä, Jukka - Tuomala, Matti - 2012-06-17T20:09:14Z 2012-06-16 16:32:58 - 2012-06-17T20:09:14Z 2001 -
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dc.description.abstract This paper focuses on two sets of impacts of public provision of private goods that have been neglected in the self-selection framework of optimal taxation, the by-now standard approach in examining public provision. We first show, using a general formulation whereby production depends on labour supply of different households and the level of public provision, that there can be a role for public provision because of productivity and wage-structure effects, even if preferences are weakly separable between goods and leisure. Second, we deal with a specific example of public provision of education that provides an intuitively appealing case for the production side impacts. Finally, we address the role of public provision in a dynamic, overlapping generations, economy, whereby public provision may affect efficiency and social costs of redistribution of future generations as well, opening up a way to combine inter- and intra-generational impacts of public provision. -
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dc.title Publicly Provided Private Goods and Redistribution: A General Equilibrium Analysis -
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