Transmembrane carbonic anhydrase isozymes IX and XII in the female mouse reproductive organs


Näytä suppeat kuvailutiedot Hynninen, Piritta - Hämäläinen, Jonna M - Pastorekova, Silvia - Pastorek, Jaromir - Waheed, Abdul - Sly, William S - Tómas, Eija - Kirkinen, Pertti - Parkkila, Seppo - 2012-06-17T20:14:05Z 2012-06-17 09:26:04 - 2012-06-17T20:14:05Z 2004 -
dc.identifier.issn 1477-7827 -
dc.description BioMed Central open access -
dc.description.abstract Background Carbonic anhydrase (CA) classically catalyses the reversible hydration of dissolved CO2 to form bicarbonate ions and protons. The twelve active CA isozymes are thought to regulate a variety of cellular functions including several processes in the reproductive systems. Methods The present study was designed to investigate the expression of transmembrane CAs, CA IX and XII, in the mouse uterus, ovary and placenta. The expression of CA IX and XII was examined by immunoperoxidase staining method and western blotting. CA II and XIII served as positive controls since they are known to be present in the mouse reproductive tract. Results The data of our study indicated that CA XII is expressed in the mouse endometrium. Only very faint signal was observed in the corpus luteum of the ovary and the placenta remained mainly negative. CA IX showed weak reaction in the endometrial epithelium, while it was completely absent in the ovary and placenta. Conclusion The conservation of CA XII expression in both mouse and human endometrium suggests a role for this isozyme in reproductive physiology. -
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dc.title Transmembrane carbonic anhydrase isozymes IX and XII in the female mouse reproductive organs -
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dc.identifier.doi 0.1186/1477-7827-2-73 -
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dc.subject.okm fi=Naisten- ja lastentaudit | en=Gynaecology and paediatrics| -
dc.journal.title Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology -
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